Anya is a Tableau Visionary and DataDev Ambassador with a background in economics, art history, and photojournalism. She is an alumna of The Information Lab’s Data School, where she spent 2.5 years as a Data Analytics Consultant (DS17 cohort).

Prior to The Information Lab, Anya worked as a Senior Consultant at EY. Later, she returned to academia to study for an MA in History and Business of Art and Collecting at the University of Warwick, where she analysed historical art market data to find correlations between the key events that shaped artworks’ commercial perception and their prices.

After completing her MA, Anya worked in sales and marketing for art and cultural organisations, quantifying the performance of marketing campaigns, digital communications, events, and publications. A believer in sharing knowledge, Anya helped her colleagues to develop their data skills by introducing data analysis and visualisation tools into their everyday workflows, conducting trainings, and writing manuals. To automate time-consuming tasks in her most recent role as a Marketing Manager, Anya taught herself Python and SQL.

Anya has a keen interest in activities at the intersection between art and technology, such as photography, digital pattern design, and generative art.

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