This is the list of selected public talks I’ve given with links to slides, recordings, and detailed blog posts.


Tableau’s Metadata API 101, Her Data Learns. March 16, 2021

From a non-developer to a DataDev, Tableau Developer User Group. January 13, 2021

Using Alteryx to extract foreign exchange rates in real time, webinar by The Information Lab. January 12, 2021


Geocoding in Tableau Prep using Python, Tableau Prep virtual user group. December 8, 2020

Connecting to APIs in Tableau Prep using Python, Focus on Prep webinar by The Information Lab. November 2, 2020

Building a data dictionary with Tableau’s Metadata API, Phoenix TUG. October 22, 2020

Five questions about Tableau dashboard extensions, Tiny Viz Talks. October 21, 2020

Get to know our Tableau DataDev Ambassadors, The Information Lab panel discussion. October 20, 2020

Photo above is by Robin Spielmann on Unsplash